Here you can take a look of some pictures for a better notion about karst ponds and the project. As usual, thumbnails are just previews of larger pictures.

For starters, here are some older pictures, and also some ponds compared with old and recent photo.

Trebeše 1947    Trebeše 2000   Pond in Trebeše (Slovenian Istria), photo taken in 1947 (Archive of Regional Museum Koper) and in 2000 (photo: Ali Šalamun)

While in 1962 pond in Boginja vas (Bela Krajina) was still used for watering the cows (property of Anica Črnič), on the same place now there is a road (photo: Aleksandra Lešnik)

Boginja vas nekoč    Boginja vas danes  

Reparec 1976    Reparec 1998 

Pond in Reparec in Pregara (Slovenian Istria) was already drying up in 1976, but some water was still present (Archive of Regional Museum Koper), while in 1998 the only remnant is the wall (photo: Zvona Ciglič, Regional Museum Koper) 

Bani  Markovščina  Obrov  Tublje  Slivje 

Pond "Kal v Stajah" 
in Bani (Banne), Italy in 1927 
(postcard, Slovenian Cultural Society, Trieste, 1992)

Pond in Markovščina, 1955 
(Archive of Regional Museum Koper)

Pond in Obrovu, 1955
(Archive of Regional Museum Koper)

Pond in Tublje, 1955
(Archive of Regional Museum Koper)

Pond in Slivje near the barn of house No. 7, 1955
(Archive of Regional Museum Koper)


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